Studio work.

Curtain, 2012, Fabric, thread, wood, pins, 84 x 33 x 168 inches.

Top piece of fabric is extended over the ground with threads that connect to the opposite wall. Thread attached to the bottom of the hanging curtain go through the top canopy piece and drape over its side, on the left, as continuous lines.

detail of Curtain.

Blue Door, 2012, Thread, wood, chalk line, 84 x 120 x 12 ­inches.

In Blue Door the doorframe and window are two-dimensional in contrast to the space the thread creates, extending twelve inches from the wall. The multiple threads come to a point, on the right, which are held in place by a t-pin.

details of Blue Door.

Family Room, 2012, Fabric, cord, pins, 76 x 51 inches.

The black fabric and woven shape lie flat on the wall of the studio, while the floral patterned fabric has two small rectangular forms underneath.

detail of Family Room.