Familial Works

I found this photo in my family album.  The room pictured is the inspiration for the work on the right, Family Room (2012).

   The shapes of the fabric reference the door and cabinet from that same room. A floral patterned sheet represents the door, which I found in my grandmothers sewing kit, which appears to be from the sixty’s.  A thick black right-angled trapezium shaped cloth that is a geometric simplification of a bed or room floor is sewn onto the floral shape.  Between the two pieces of fabric, the door and the cabinet, is a hand-made mustard colored weaving that has an unfinished appearance, with untethered armatures sticking out from its sides.  This weaving refers to the relationships and figures in my family.  Six lengthwise elements of the weave, called the warp, represent the six people in my immediate family, which are called ends.  Crosswise element of the weave is called the filling.  Each single strand of the filing is called a pick. The picks in the mustard-colored weave mark time passing, and by leaving the ends open this allows for time to continue and grow.