Recent Works

Weaving Layers, 2012, twine, fabric, wood, 144” x 48” x 8”.

            The hand-woven twine is one continuous piece where the front hangs from a dowel and folds inches from the floor with the back attached to the wall. 

Untitled, 2012, yarn, plaskolite, wood, and spray-paint, 61” x16” x 4.5”.
Untitled is a whimsical sculpture.  The holes evoke eyes of a mask and beckon the viewer to peer through the holes.

See Through, 2012, thread, wood, 66” x 43” x 8”.

The black hand-woven thread weaving hangs over a handmade frame-like structure.  Viewers are meant to walk around the structure and see the surrounding space through the weaving.

 Detail, See Through.

Corner Home, 2012, cord, wood, and gel medium, 84” x 47” x 3.5”.

A weaving wraps around the two by four and the threads appear to come out of the ends of board.  A larger weaving also appears to emanate from the beam and floats three and a half feet from the ground.  

 Detail, Corner Home.

By Hand, 2012, bleached twine, and wood, 40” x 22” x 3”.

The woven piece was bleached and washed to produce the wrinkled and shrunken shape.  The process refers to multiple steps of labor that is currently done by machines, such as sewing ones clothes and washing them by hand.

Detail, By Hand.